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Weekly Pool/Spa Maintenance

Weekly maintenance is the best way to ensure that your pool or spa is always clean and looks its best whenever you wish to cool off on a hot day. The following are all of the services that are performed during a weekly pool cleaning routine.

The bottom floor is vacuumed and any debris floating on the surface of the water is removed with a net. Side wall and pool tile cleaning are performed and the skimmer/pump baskets emptied. The water chemicals are checked and adjusted if necessary and the pool equipment is inspected to ensure that everything is working properly.

Equipment Repair

Three Generations Pool/Spa performs all types of equipment repair. If one of our technicians discovers that a piece of your pool equipment is not working properly or needs maintenance, we can repair it or replace, if necessary. This includes your pool pump, the motors, and any heaters or filters that make up your pool equipment. We also perform all of the latest and most popular equipment upgrades like salt water conversions, smart phone capability, automated system conversion, and LED lighting.

Filter Cleans

Filter cleaning is essential for your pool equipment to operate at peak performance. When the filter is dirty, it puts undue stress and strain on the equipment, causing it to breakdown sooner than it might normally under optimal conditions. A filter clean means a full breakdown of the filter system as each filter grid is removed and inspected for damage. The grids are then cleaned and replaced, the system re-assembled, and diatomaceous earth added to protect the longevity of the filtration system in your Mission Viejo pool.

Salt System Conversions

We have been converting typical chlorine pools and spas to salt water systems throughout Orange County. One of our technicians will come to your home, install a salt water control board and salt cell, eliminating the need for chlorine water in your pool or spa. Many of our customers have grown tired of the chlorine smell that comes from their pool or spa water, a salt system solves that problem.

New Pool Start-Ups

If you are new to pool ownership in Mission Viejo, you may have a lot of questions. We can answer those questions and help to educate new owners on the best ways to maintain a pool, how to balance the chemical content of the water, and provide weekly pool cleaning services.

Spa Covers

If you own a spa, you should have a cover on it. A spa cover keeps heat inside of the spa and prevents the surface from becoming sun damaged while keeping debris from getting into the water. The best covers are manufactured from marine grade vinyl and foam with an aluminum channel that helps water bead from the cover's surface.

Acid Washes

A well-maintained pool should receive an acid wash every five to seven years. This process requires the use of harsh chemicals, so only a qualified and skilled technician should perform this work. Our team of technicians have been acid washing Mission Viejo pools for years, we know to do it safely and make your pool or spa look brand new all over again.

During this process, we drain the pool or spa, brush the entire pool with diluted acid content which helps to preserve the integrity of the surface. All tile is then cleaned and brushed, the pool or spa re-filled, the chemicals in the water properly adjusted, and the filter cleaned.

Equipment Upgrades

New upgrades to old equipment can help make pool ownership more cost-effective, more efficient, and more convenient when it comes to care and maintenance. We have performed a variety of upgrades at a fair price for pool owners just like you. You may want to consider having an upgrade performed such as smart phone capability for controlling your pool or spa equipment with your phone, variable speed pump installation for greater energy-efficiency, LED lighting for brighter light at lower cost, and automatic actuators that give your pool or spa the ability to turn valves with just the press of a button.

Pool Light Repair

A pool light is an essential component for enjoying your pool in the evening. When it isn't working properly, the cause could be anything from a burnt-out bulb to a faulty fixture. We can determine the problem and repair it while preserving the tight seal of the lighting assembly and preventing water from leaking in and causing damage to the electrical system.


Three Generations Pool and Spa Maintenance and Repair offers routine swimming pool maintenance and spa service. On a schedule of your choosing, our team of experts can provide the following pool maintenance and spa solutions.

  • Monitor the pool/spa Chlorine, Salt (if applicable), PH, Alkalinity and TDS level
  • Examine and test equipment
  • Skim/Net debris
  • Vacuum pool/spa floor
  • Empty skimmer and pump basket
  • Brush pool walls to prevent algae build-up
  • Adjust pool equipment
  • Administer chemicals to the pool water

    We take quality control very seriously because we always strive to provide our customers with the best pool services in south Orange County. That's why our technicians leave a card with the pool equipment after each service call, it informs the pool-owner of all the services that were performed during the session for that week. The card also outlines any changes made to the pool equipment or levels adjusted in the water, all of which are discussed with the customer.


    Three Generations Pool/Spa Maintenance and Repair has served Mission Viejo since 1977. Some forty-five years later, we continue to pride ourselves on the founding principles of quality and reliability that have made us one of the most trusted pool companies in Orange County. Our goal is to keep your pool well-maintained and always ready for use. We offer weekly pool and spa cleaning services as well as pool and spa repair where we specialize in performing exceptional work. Contact us to schedule an appointment today and see why we have earned a strong reputation with our customers.


    We have been servicing and repairing pools and spas throughout the greater Orange County area for nearly five decades. This includes San Clemente, Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Ladera Ranch, Coto de Caza, Dove Canyon, Trabuco Canyon, Newport Beach, Irvine, Foothill Ranch, and Tustin.

    Do you educate on basic swimming pool care/daily care/testing?

    We do! We feel educating the pool-owner on the best methods for caring and maintaining a pool helps to preserve the life of the pool. Upon the initial consultation for weekly cleaning services, our technicians discuss exactly how we clean and maintain the pool or spa and how that helps to extend the life of the pool and the equipment week in and week out.

    Do you offer same-day or emergency service?

    Yes, we provide emergency service within a 24-hour window for clients who need their pool or spa cleaned or repaired at the last minute. If a client calls because a vital component is not working correctly or has become inoperable altogether, one of our technicians can deal with the matter in 24 hours or less. We will not charge extra for an emergency service request, the rate is the same as would be for any normal visit. We want you to know we are dependable, reliable, and ready to serve you at your best convenience.

    Do you fulfill pool installations?

    We specialize in weekly pool and spa maintenance, repairs, and equipment installation and replacement. The only service that we do not offer is pool and spa resurfacing, but we do have relationships with trusted companies who do provide this service. We are happy to refer one or more of them to you so you can have this work performed on your pool or spa. These are companies with whom we have worked in the past and you can find the resurfacing company that can best address your needs.

    What is your price for pool or spa service?

    Our pool and spa services include cleaning/servicing and equipment service or repair. The prices for these are as follows:

    Spa Cleaning: $70 to $80 per month. This includes a weekly cleaning of the spa throughout the duration of the month. Spa services can be performed on portable and in-ground spas.

    Pool Cleaning: $95 to $105 per month. This includes a weekly cleaning of your pool for the extent of the month.

    These prices are approximate. The exact cost for servicing your pool or spa is based on the size of the pool or spa that you own and the elements surrounding it, such as trees, leaves, and other challenging obstacles or barriers that our technician will encounter during service.

    An initial consultation will help us determine a precise monthly cost of service and the technician will test the water at that time. The client should ask any and all questions that he or she may have about our services and the manner in which they are performed.

    The costs for equipment service or repair will vary depending upon the service or repair work needed. Parts and labor will affect the overall price for service to address the problem.

    Are there extra charges other than the monthly fee for a pool/spa cleaning?

    That monthly charge covers all cleaning services for your pool or spa with the exception of a filter clean. We recommend you have a filter clean performed twice a year. The fee for this work is $100. Since the filter is so vital for keeping your system working smoothly and your water crystal clear, cleaning the filtration and adding diatomaceous earth is very important.

    What services do you provide on a weekly basis?

    The technician will perform a variety of services during each weekly visit. The include debris removal from the surface of the water, wall and tile brush, floor vacuum, empty the skimmer and pump baskets, and balance the chemicals in the water. A cleaning appointment usually takes around 15 to 30 minutes but the technician won't leave until the job is done in full. The length of time can vary from one week to the next based on the amount of cleaning needed to make your pool or spa look great.

    Why is it so important to keep my pool chemically balanced?

    Ensuring that your pool water is chemically balanced is important for keeping the water clean and safe to swim in. When the pool water is not properly balanced it can damage your pool, your pool equipment, and pose a risk to you and your family. A chemical imbalance in the water could result in too much chlorine which can irritate skin and eyes or too little chlorine which can make the water contaminated and lead to health risks.

    Chlorine isn't the only potential issue with improperly balanced water. pH levels in the water are critical for avoiding corrosion in the pool surface and other possible damage that can be inflicted on the equipment.

    What is the difference between salt and chlorine systems?

    First of all, it's important to understand that both systems produce chlorine, because it is essential for maintaining chemically balanced water. But it's how the chlorine is introduced into the water that makes the difference between salt and chlorine systems.

    While chlorine exists in both types of systems, a chlorine pool uses chlorine tablets while a salt pool uses salt to produce chlorine through a special generator. Some of our clients prefer to avoid using the tablets as they contain additional chemicals that lead to irritated eyes and dry skin. The smell of chlorine can also be unpleasant and, in extreme cases, the tablets can even lead to discolored hair after spending just a small amount of time in the water.

    The common misconception is that its the chlorine doing all of those things, but it's the harsh chemicals that are used for manufacturing the chlorine into a powder which is compressed into a tablet. Those are the culprits. When you have a salt system, there are no chemicals in use, only salt. This makes for pool water that won't irritate the eyes and skin or discolor the hair because the chlorine is in a much purer form.

    What causes algae?

    The environmental conditions around your pool contribute to the growth of algae. The spores are easily spread through a variety of sources and they thrive in warm weather and stagnant water. Algae spores are everywhere and they will inevitably hit the surface of your pool sooner rather than later. But it's up to you whether they are allowed to bloom and grow in the water. The best way to avoid algae is to prepare the water so the spores have no chance of thriving and die out instead – before they take over.

    You can recognize algae by its green, slimy appearance floating along the surface in the corners of your pool. Algae that is allowed to proliferate can cause significant damage to your filtration system and equipment, costing you a lot of money in repair and replacement costs.

    You can't be harmed by algae, just grossed out. No one wants to swim around in a slimy pool. The best way to combat the growth of algae is to ensure that your pool's water has the proper chemical balance to kill the spores once they make contact.

    How long have you been performing pool and spa maintenance & repairs?

    Three Generations Pool/Spa has been doing this for, you guessed it, three generations. Ross has been in the business of pool and spa maintenance and repairs for twenty years. The company has been around for nearly fifty. We pride ourselves on the work we've done for each and every client and look forward to providing the same level of the service for the next generation to come.

    How did the name Three Generations come about?

    I'm Ross Wilbur, we call ourselves Three Generations Pool/Spa because we've been in business for almost fifty years. My grandfather was a pool builder and my father performed repairs and service on pools and spas for about as long as I've been alive. The business was formed in 1977 by the first generation of our family with the goal of offering the best customer service at a fair price. I've since taken over the business and started the weekly cleanings and repairs as part of our service structure. Today, providing excellent customer service is still at the heart of our business.

    How can customers schedule an appointment?

    It's very easy to contact us and schedule an appointment for service or repairs. Call us by phone at (949) 300-4480 or email me directly at rosswilbur@gmail.com. We provide our services when you need them and we won't make you commit to some lengthy contract. If you have any questions about your pool or spa or the services we offer in maintaining them, we have the answers and we're happy to give them to you!

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