How To Maintain A Pool

by 3gpoolservices nov 3, 2021 6 min read

Owning a swimming pool can seem like far too much work, but with a simple broken down guide, anyone can manage their pool maintenance with plenty of time to enjoy it after. Follow these steps and save yourself some time during your pool cleaning and maintenance this summer.

Clearing Debris

Clearing debris from your pool is one of the most prevalent tasks that you will see throughout the year. No matter what season it is, you will have some type of dirt, leaves, sticks, or other debris collecting in your pool and system. Follow these steps to ensure that you remove all obstructions from your pool.

Start With A Skimmer

First, it’s time to break out your telescopic pool skimmer and collect all of the leaves and debris from the surface of your pool. After the surface has been cleared, move onto the bottom of your pool and skim out anything that has sunk. Starting here will ensure that you do not suck up more leaves and debris as you are cleaning the rest of your system.

Move To your Baskets

After all the leaves and gunk have been removed from your pool, it’s time to clean out your skimmer baskets. Tap them out into the trash and replace the baskets, making sure to properly close your access points.

Check The Pool Pump Filter

After you have cleared all the leaves and junk the pool itself, move onto the pool pump filter and remove any obstructions found here. This is important to optimize your water circulation and prevent your pool from over-pressurizing.

Cleaning The Pool

Now that you have all of the leaves and debris out of the way, you can start cleaning. Extract your pool cleaning robot from the water, if you have one, along with any other objects that are still in the pool. Once you are obstacle-free, you are ready to get started!

Scrubbing The Pool

Brushing swimming pools is by far the most laborious part of the cleaning process, but it has to be done. Starting with the walls, use your telescopic brush to scrub, ridding the pool of any dirt, algae, and light stains. Next, proceed to your stairs, entry, and the pool floor. The goal is to clean every crack and crevice, so switch brush heads and really get in there!

Vacuuming Your Swimming Pool

Once you have finished scrubbing the interior of the swimming pool, you will need to suck out the loosened particles to speed up their removal. While you can reach for a manual pool vacuum, it’s much easier to toss your robot in and let the automatic vacuum go to town. Let your vacuum run extra long after cleaning to thoroughly extract loose algae and dirt, preventing the particles from re-depositing.

Wrapping It Up

To finish up your pool cleaning obligations, set the pump to run, which will let the cleaned water circulate and filter out any leftover particulates. While you have the pump running, wash off the deck with a hose pool water from a bucket to prevent nearby contaminants from finding their way in.

If this weekly process, along with chemically balancing your pool and maintaining the products it needs, call the professionals at 3G Pools to set up your weekly pool service. Our pool technicians will provide on-time, knowledgeable pool care that keeps your effort low and enjoyment high.

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