Our Services

Weekly Pool/Spa Maintenance

  • 1) Vacuum bottom floor
  • 2) Net debris off top
  • 3) Brush side walls
  • 4) Brush tile
  • 5) Empty skimmer/pump baskets
  • 6) Inspect equipment
  • 7) Adjust chemicals

Equipment Repair

Three Generations Pool/Spa specializes in all types of repair work. Equipment repair includes: pumps, motors, filters and heaters. Also, handle upgrades of equipment such as: smart phone capability, salt water conversions, automation system conversion and LED light display

Filter Cleans

The filter is the heart of your pool equipment. A clean filter allows for crystal clean water. During a filter clean we teardown the entire filter, take out each grid individually, inspect the grids for rips or tears, clean the grids, re-assemble the grids inside the filter and add diatomaceous earth to coat the grids in order to protect the longevity of the filter

Salt System Conversions

Tired of always smelling like chlorine when use your pool/spa? Chlorine water can easily be converted to a salt water pool with the installation of a salt water control board and salt cell

New Pool Start-Ups

Did you just build a pool or become a first-time pool owner and do not know what to do? Three Generations will come assess the current chemical balance of your pool and add the proper chemicals to ensure your pool is safe to swim in

Spa Covers

Spa covers allow heat to be trapped inside the spa, protect the surface from the sun and keeps debris out. Spa covers are made with a marine grade vinyl cover, large foam support and aluminum channel to bead off water

Acid Washes

  • A drain, clean and acid wash will make your pool/spa surface look like new again.
  • 1) Drain pool/spa
  • 2) Brush entire pool/spa with diluted acid content to keep integrity of surface
  • 3) Clean and brush tile
  • 4) Re-fill pool/spa
  • 5) Perform filter clean
  • 6) Add start up chemicals to pool/spa

Equipment Upgrades

If you equipment is old or you are looking for new equipment that is energy efficient then an upgrade might be in order. Common upgrades include: smart phone capability which allows you to control your pool/spa from anywhere through your phone, variable speed pump installation for an energy efficient pump to save on your monthly bill, automatic actuators that allow your pool/spa to turn valves with a simple press of a button and conversion from incandescent to LED light display for a more vivid and cost effective light

Pool Light Repair

If, your pool light goes out we will be able to replace the fixture, light and cord going back to the electrical box. The ensures a brand new tightly seal assembly to not allow any water to get in and compromise the light


  • Check pool/spa Chlorine, Salt (if applicable), PH, Alkalinity and TDS level
  • Examine and turn on equipment
  • Skim/Net debris
  • Vacuum pool/spa bottom
  • Empty skimmer and pump basket
  • Brush pool walls to prevent algae build-up
  • Adjust equipment
  • Administer chemicals

    After the services are provided each week a service technician will leave a card at the equipment. The card will provide the homeowner with the satisfaction that the technician provided the correct services to their pool/spa on that given week. The card will be marked with the chemical levels of the pool/spa. Any changes to the pool/spa equipment will be marked and discussed directly with the customer.


    Three Generations Pool/Spa Maintenance and Repair has served Orange County and the surrounding areas for over 40 years. Formed in 1977 by the First Generation with the vision to provide superior customer service at a fair value. Now, 30 years later we still pride ourselves on the same core principles the company was founded on. We are here to be the company you rely upon for all your pool/spa maintenance and repair needs. Our goal is to ensure your pool/spa is ready for use at all times. We show up every week to take care of all the pool/spa needs and can be easily reached at all times with any questions you might have. We take pride in having a strong reputation of trust with a loyal customer base