Swimming Pool Maintenance Checklist

by 3gpoolservices nov 3, 2021 6 min read

Pool ownership comes with responsibility, and there are certain procedures that you need to follow if you want a swimming pool that is always ready; or at least not always breaking. Improper maintenance can put a damper on the time you get to enjoy your pool, so be sure to follow along and ensure that all the basic maintenance is being met.

Of course, if you are too busy for daily, weekly, and monthly pool care, you can always set up weekly appointments with trusted professionals. An on-time swimming cleaning service will perform all of the checks, maintenance, and cleaning that you need to keep your swimming pool clear and functioning.

Your Pool Maintenance Responsibilities

There are several obligations for pool owners to pay attention to, and the best way to break down the tasks is by the time period. Organizing your pool maintenance checklist into daily, weekly, monthly, and annual checks will make the process easier and help you prevent missed steps.

Daily Checks

While they may seem trivial, daily pool maintenance tasks are some of the most important. By completing these simple chores on a daily basis, you can ensure that water is properly flowing, your pool is clean, and the system is not under any extra stress.

Emptying The Skimmer Baskets

Every swimming pool owner knows that the baskets should be emptied frequently, but many wait until the baskets are full to empty them. Clean out your skimmer baskets daily to enhance water circulation and reduce stress on your swimming pool system.

Skimming the Pool

Daily may seem a bit excessive, but skimming your pool can really help keep your pool free of stains and all-around cleaner. Swimming pool cleaner robots help significantly with keeping the pool clear of debris, but you should still be helping out when you can.

Run Your Pool

Circulating your pool water is important, which is why your pump needs to run for the recommended amount of time daily. Most modern swimming pools utilize an automatic timer to make sure that water circulates, but you still need to ensure that the pump is running as it should.

Checking The Water Level

Realistically, you could check the pool water level every week or so, but it takes nothing to observe while you are doing other checks. If your pool has become low on water or overfilled, be sure to fix it at your earliest convenience to make sure that your skimmer baskets work.

Weekly Checks

Weekly pool cleaning and maintenance contains tasks that are a bit more vital to the health of your pool. If you are inexperienced with swimming pool systems and are unsure of how to complete any of these steps, 3G Pools is happy to lend a hand.

Checking PH & Alkaline Balances

Keeping your alkaline and PH levels balanced is essential if you want your pool to remain clear and swimmable. Pay close attention to these levels and add the recommended products as needed to correct any variations.

Cleaning Around The Pool

Keeping the pool’s deck and surrounding area free from debris, dirt, fallen limbs, and other harmful substances will greatly help in reducing the amount that ends up in your pool. You can flush the decking with buckets of water, use a leaf blower, or simply sweep the debris away from the water to clear any dirt and gunk.

Brush Your Pool

Giving your pool a thorough brushing is something that you should be doing at least every week. Be sure to scrub your stairs, walls, and floor with as much detail as you can.

Empty The Pump Filter Basket

Emptying the pool pump filter basket should be done weekly, but failing to empty the skimmer baskets could cause the pump basket to fill faster. Ensure that the pool pump basket stays free from obstruction to reduce your pump pressure and help the pool run smoothly.

Sanitizing Your Pool

Sanitizing your swimming pool is probably the most important part of being a pool owner. Whether you sanitize with Chlorine, Borine, a mineral system, or any number of options, you must be punctual with your sanitization. This will ensure that swimmers are safe from harmful bacteria and help your pool stay clear.

Monthly Checks

By the time you get to monthly checks, all of the daunting tasks are out of the way, but there are still a few additions to make for your monthly checks and services.

Calcium & CA

Cyanuric Acid and Calcium levels should be monitored on a monthly basis to keep your pool in optimal health. These levels are not as vital to your pool, but keeping an eye on them will let you adjust and add an additional product if needed.

Checking The Plumbing

Simple plumbing and hardware inspections will ensure that no major issues go unresolved too long. Check your plumbing for any cracks, leaks, or issues while performing monthly tasks to make sure that no repairs are needed.

Do A Quick Pool Inspection

While you are checking the system, go ahead and inspect your swimming pool for cracks, damage, stains, and algae. You will also want to make sure that your automatic pool cleaner is running properly.

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