Three Generations Pool/Spa Maintenance and Repair has served Orange County and the surrounding areas for over 40 years as a Family Owned Business. Formed in 1977 by the First Generation with the vision to provide superior customer service at a fair value. Now, 40 years later we still pride ourselves on the same core principles the company was founded on.

Our entire staff prides itself on the work that we perform from the beginning to the very end. Three Generations is a fully insured company with a fully trained and professional staff. We will treat you like family.

We welcome you the opportunity to contact our company in order to schedule an appointment to come to your place of residence to go over the services that we offer. This will give us an opportunity to meet with you in order to discuss your maintenance and/or repair in greater detail.

Our Services

Weekly Pool/Spa Maintenance

Weekly Pool/Spa Maintenance

Pool and Spa Equipment Repair

Equipment Repair

New Pool Start-Ups

New Pool Start-Ups

Pool and Spa Filter Cleans

Filter Cleans

Pool and Spa Salt System Conversions

Salt System Conversions

Spa Covers

Spa Covers

Pool and Spa Acid Washes

Acid Washes

Pool and Spa Leak Detaction

Leak Detection

Pool Light Repair

Pool Light Repair

Maintenance Service:

  • Check pool/spa Chlorine, Salt (if applicable), PH, Alkalinity and TDS level
  • Examine and turn on equipment
  • Skim/Net debris
  • Vacuum pool/spa bottom
  • Empty skimmer and pump basket
  • Brush pool walls to prevent algae build-up
  • Adjust equipment
  • Administer chemicals
  • Quality Control:

    After the services are provided each week a service technician will leave a card at the equipment. The card will provide the homeowner with the satisfaction that the technician provided the correct services to their pool/spa on that given week. The card will be marked with the chemical levels of the pool/spa. Any changes to the pool/spa equipment will be marked and discussed directly with the customer.

    Referral Program

    Without a doubt word of mouth is our best forms of business. Our family owned company has grown over the last 40 years with people like yourself referring the service and the professional manner in which we conduct our business.

    Refer your family or friends and once they are on service you will receive a free month of pool/spa maintenance service FREE!

    To refer a family or friend make sure they mention your name when they

    call us or email us!


    We’ve been servicing and repairing pools in Orange County for 40 years. The specific California areas we service include: San Clemente, Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Ladera Ranch, Coto de Caza, Dove Canyon, Trabuco Canyon, New Port Beach, Irvine, Foothill Ranch, and Tustin.

    Do you educate on basic swimming pool care/daily care/testing?

    We are always more than happy to answer any questions from clients. If clients do have questions regarding pool and spa care, this is usually covered during our first visit to the pool/spa for a weekly cleaning. During this first cleaning consultation, we discuss the specifics of how we will be cleaning your pool/spa and what exactly that will entail each week.

    Do you offer same-day or emergency service?

    We offer 24-hour turnaround service for emergency pool and spa cleanings. For example, if a client calls because the overflow from their spa to their pool is trickling and not working properly, we could address the issue within a 24-hour window. An employee would then go on-site, inspect the situation and resolve the issue.

    We believe in always doing our best to accommodate the needs of our clients. Therefore, we do not charge extra for a 24-hour request - The rate would be the same as any other visit.

    Do you do fulfill pool installations?

    Our specialty services are weekly maintenance, repairs and equipment install for all pools and spas so you can enjoy them on a regular basis. The only service we do not provide in regards to pools and spas is resurfacing. However, we have long-standing referrals for this type of work. Additionally, we are able to handle all repairs on pools and spas, large or small, including heaters, pumps, filters, etc.

    What is your price for pool or spa service?

    We offer two specific categories of pool and spa service, Cleaning Servicing and Repair/Equipment Servicing. Each of these two services has different pricing.

    For a spa cleaning, the monthly charge is $70 to $80. That price includes a full cleaning once per week for the entire month. Our spa servicing can be done on both in-ground spas and portable.

    For a pool cleaning, the monthly charge is $95 to $105. That price includes a full cleaning once per week for the entire month.

    The exact cost of your pool or spa cleaning will depend on the size of your pool/spa and external conditions of the backyard (trees, leaves, etc). During the first visit of a pool or spa cleaning, we come out to meet potential customers to test their water and give them an exact monthly price.

    Our Repair/Equipment Servicing varies on a case-by-case basis. The price will depend on the specific part or item that needs replacing and the amount of work required to complete the job

    Are there extra charges other than the monthly fee for a pool/spa cleaning?

    The only extra charge associated with your pool or spa is filter cleaning. Filter cleaning is performed every 6 months and is $100. The filter is the heart of your system and is a crucial part of keeping your pool/spa clean and clear. During the filter cleaning, we tear down the filter and clean all the grids inside the filter. We then add diatomaceous earth to the grids, helping to coat them and prevent ripping or tearing.

    What services do you provide on a weekly basis?

    During our weekly cleaning service, we will brush the tile, brush the walls, vacuum the floor, remove debris from the top of the water, empty the skimmer and pump baskets, and adjust the chemicals. Each cleaning typically takes 15 to 30 minutes, or until the job is complete and your pool/spa is thoroughly clean. Each week varies based on weather conditions.

    How long have you been performing pool and spa maintenance & repairs?

    Our business has performing pool and spa maintenance in Orange County for more than 40 years. Personally, I (Ross Wilbur) have been performing pool and spa maintenance and repairs for 20 years. Our entire team prides itself on the work that we perform from the beginning to the end of every job.

    How did the name Three Generations come about?

    Our pool and spa maintenance & repair service is called Three Generations because it has been a family business for more than 40 years. My grandpa was a pool builder and my dad did repair work on pools and spas for four decades. The business was first formed in 1977 by the first generation of my family with the vision to provide superior customer service at a fair value. I (Ross Wilbur) have been around it my entire life. I also started the weekly service and repair side of the business. Today, providing excellent customer service is still at the heart of our business.

    How can customers schedule an appointment?

    Scheduling an appointment is easy. We can be reached by either phone or email. There are no contracts required for services and we are always more than happy to answer any general questions related to your pool and spa.

    Phone: (949) 300-4480

    Email: rosswilbur@gmail.com

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