How Much is Pool Maintenance Per Month?

by | Jan 2, 2024

Proper maintenance is key when owning a swimming pool. By having it cleaned and consistently maintained, you’ll be able to enjoy your pool knowing it’s clean and safe for swimming. A weekly pool maintenance service is between $130 and $150 per month.

In this blog post, we’ll highlight the specific costs of different pool maintenance services, what’s included with each service, and which one is best for you.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Costs and Services

Weekly Pool Maintenance: $130 to $150 per month

This includes a weekly cleaning that involves skimming the surface of the pool (removing debris), brushing the floor and walls, vacuuming, and testing and adjusting the water chemistry. A weekly cleaning prevents algae growth, ensures the water remains crystal clear, and helps the pool equipment function properly (including the filter).

Monthly Pool Maintenance: $130 to $150 per service

Some pool owners choose a cleaning service only once per month. This includes the same types of tasks mentioned in the weekly service but performed less frequently.

Monthly Pool Maintenance service

Acid Washing: Starting at $300, but pricing varies

Another common type of maintenance pools need is acid washing. Acid washing is a deep cleaning of your pool, where pool technicians use a diluted acid solution (muriatic acid) to remove any stains, algae, or scales from the pool. The result is a pool that looks completely fresh and new. An acid wash should take place every 5 years.

Same-Day Service: Pricing Varies

Same-day service is a type of maintenance service for emergency situations. For example, if your pool has a major leak that needs repair, a same-day service would be the solution you need. Some people prefer this if they notice the pool water is cloudy, or if a storm has recently passed through and the pool is filled with dirt and debris.

Filter Cleaning: $100 every 6 months

A filter cleaning takes place every 6 months and includes removing and thoroughly cleaning each and every grid located inside the filter and adding diatomaceous earth to the grids, providing them with a coat to prevent ripping or tearing.

Equipment Repairs: Pricing Varies

Equipment repairs are another type of pool maintenance service since equipment needs to work properly for your pool water to stay safe. Sometimes pool pumps and other equipment break, or pools get a leak. Pool repair services can fix the issue if it occurs.

Which Pool Maintenance Service Is Right For Me?

The two most popular pool maintenance services are weekly and once a month. However, if you want your pool to be in the best shape possible, a weekly cleaning pool service is the most appropriate choice. With a weekly pool cleaning, you’ll receive regular upkeep for your pool and reduce the chance of costly repairs. The average pool maintenance cost for a weekly cleaning is between $130 and $150 per month.

The benefits of a weekly pool maintenance service include:

  • Consistent water quality and clarity
  • Prevention of costly repairs
  • Prolonged pool lifespan
  • Enhanced safety for swimmers
  • Improved pool aesthetics

Your pool technician will notify you if you need an acid wash or equipment repairs. Additional services can also be performed upon request, such as if a specific cleaning needs to be done (for example, a pool cover cleaning).

Can I DIY Pool Maintenance To Help Reduce Swimming Pool Maintenance Costs?

While it is possible to perform DIY pool maintenance to reduce swimming pool maintenance costs, the best choice is hiring a professional. Professionals have the expertise and equipment to perform tasks much more effectively, ensuring your pool stays clean and safe. Most individuals are too busy to consistently clean their pool throughout the week, which can lead to algae buildup, poor water quality, and many other issues.

Professionals not only save you time but also prevent the need for expensive repairs. By entrusting the maintenance to experts, you can enjoy your pool worry-free, knowing it’s in the best possible condition.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Costs?

Which Types of Pools Need Pool Maintenance?

All types of pools need consistent pool maintenance and servicing, including:

  • In-ground pools
  • Fiberglass pools
  • An above ground pool
  • Vinyl liner pools
  • Concrete or gunite pools
  • An indoor pool
  • Outdoor pools
  • Saltwater pools
  • Chlorine pools
  • Natural pools

Trust the Pool Maintenance Company Experts

Our experienced team at Three Generations Pool Services can thoroughly clean your pool throughout the year, regardless of size, at an affordable price. This will help your family and friends to enjoy your pool while giving you peace of mind that the water is safe and equipment isn’t being damaged.

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