Pool Heater Installation with Three Generations

Professional pool heater installation in southern California.

A heated pool makes it easier than ever to enjoy your swimming pool any day of the week, throughout the entire year. Make your pool the ultimate spot for enjoyment with friends, family members, and guests. At Three Generations Pool Services, we are your trusted source for professional pool heater installation services.


Benefits of a Pool

There are many benefits to having your pool heated, including:
  • NExtended swimming season, since you are able to enjoy your pool year-round
  • NComfortable water temperature
  • NIncreases your pool’s value
  • NEnergy-efficient options to reduce operating costs
  • NBetter pool gatherings
  • NIdeal for relaxation

Signs You Need a
Pool Heater

A heater might be a great addition to your pool if any of the below apply:
  • NThe water feels uncomfortably cold
  • NYou want to use your swimming pool year-round
  • NYou find yourself using your pool less than you’d like due to it being too cold
  • NYou want to host pool parties throughout the year
  • NYou want to increase your pool’s value/your overall property value

How Much Does Pool
Heater Installation

Our team can perform a pool heater installation starting at $125 for residential pools. Please contact us for a commercial pool heater installation quote.

Additional Pool

In addition to pool heater installations, we also provide weekly maintenance services, pool filter cleanings and installations, and acid washes.

Our weekly maintenance service gives your residential or commercial swimming pool the refresh it needs to maintain its quality and remain the perfect getaway. This includes:

  • NCheck the spa and pool chemicals, including Chlorine, Salt (if applicable), PH, Alkalinity, and TDS levels
  • NExamine and turn on equipment
  • NSkim/Net debris
  • NVacuum pool/spa bottom
  • NEmpty skimmer baskets and pump baskets
  • NBrush pool walls to prevent algae build-up
  • NAdjust equipment
  • NAdminister chemicals
blue bright pool
SAME-DAY<br />

Emergency Pool
Cleaning Service

We offer a 24-hour turnaround service for emergency pool and spa cleanings with no extra charge for residential pools because we understand that emergencies happen. Simply call us at (949) 300-4480 and a member of our team will immediately go on-site to resolve the issue.

Cities We Cover For Heater
Installations and Pool Cleaning

San Clemente

San Clemente


Dana Point

San Juan

San Juan


Laguna Beach


Laguna Niguel

laguna hills

Laguna Hills


Mission Viejo


Lake Forest


Ladera Ranch


Coto de Caza


Dove Canyon


Trabuco Canyon

Santa Margarita

Rancho Santa


Rancho Mission

orange county

Orange County


Foothill Ranch

Referral Program

Without a doubt word of mouth is our best form of business. Our family-owned company has grown over the last 40 years with people like yourself referring to the service and the professional manner in which we conduct our business.

Refer your family or friends and once they are in service you will receive a free month of pool/spa maintenance service free!

To refer a family or friend make sure they mention your name when they call us or email us!

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Trust the Experts

At Three Generations Pool Services, our experienced team can maintain your pool’s pH and alkalinity levels throughout the year, regardless of size. This will help your family and friends to enjoy your pool while giving you peace of mind that the water is safe and equipment isn’t being damaged.

Schedule Your Pool Service Appointment

Scheduling a pool care appointment is easy. Plus, there are no contracts required for services and we are always more than happy to answer any general questions related to your pool and spa.

Pool Heater Installation Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of pool heater is best for my pool?
The best type of pool heater for your pool will depend on a few factors, including pool size, budget, climate, and available utilities. The main types of pool heaters include heat pumps or solar heaters (both are energy-efficient), gas heaters (fast heating), and electric heaters (known for being reliable). Our team will discuss your pool heater options with you to ensure you choose the best heater for your needs.
How long does a pool heater installation take?
A standard pool heater installation typically takes from a few hours to a day. The exact timeframe will depend on the type of heater being installed and the permits and/or inspections needed.
Will I need permits for the installation?
Depending on where you live, you might need a permit for a pool heater installation. Our team will determine whether or not a permit is needed and take care of any paperwork.
Can the heater be energy-efficient?
Yes, your pool heater can be energy-efficient to reduce operational costs and its impact on the environment. Specifically, solar heaters and heat pumps are ideal energy-efficient options. Our team can speak with you in detail about the best energy-efficient pool heater for your needs and answer any questions.
Which types of maintenance will the heater require?
The maintenance required involves cleaning and inspecting the pool heater and addressing common issues such as clogs or malfunctions. A pool heater typically needs to be cleaned and serviced once or twice per year. The exact amount of time will depend on the type of heater you have installed and the amount the pool is used.
What are the advantages of using a pool heat pump compared to gas pool heaters?
Pool heat pumps will be very energy-efficient and provide cost savings, whereas gas pool heaters will heat your pool more quickly.
What is the difference between electric pool heaters and gas pool heaters?
An electric pool heater will generate heat by using electricity. A gas pool heater will generate heat by using natural gas or propane (also known as a propane pool heater). While an electric pool heater will be much more efficient than a gas heater, the operating costs will be higher.
Are solar pool heaters a cost-effective alternative to gas pool heaters?
Yes, solar pool heaters are a cost-effective alternative to gas pool heaters because they get energy from the sun to heat your pool. The initial upfront fees for installation will be greater, but solar heaters will provide significant long-term savings.
How much will a heat pump cost to be installed?
The exact cost of having a heat pump installed will depend on several factors such as the size of your pool, the specific brand of heat pump, and the overall complexity of the installation.
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Receive a Free Filter Clean

($125 Value)

When Starting Weekly Pool or Spa Service!

three generations pool

Receive a Free Filter Clean

($125 Value)

When Starting Weekly Pool or Spa Service!

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