What Kind of Maintenance Does a Pool Need?

by | Oct 27, 2023

Swimming pools need consistent, professional maintenance to ensure they remain clean and safe for swimming. Whether you and your family use your pool on a regular basis year-round or seasonally, it’s still important to have your pool maintained – from chemical balances to algae prevention methods, equipment checks, and much more.

Below are some common pool maintenance tasks for both an in-ground and above ground pool, as well as a list of important issues they can prevent.

Popular Pool Maintenance Services

There are many types of pool maintenance services, but below are the most common ones a pool and/or spa needs.

Weekly Maintenance

A weekly maintenance service of your swimming pool ensures your pool is cleaned on a consistent basis. This includes using a pool vacuum to clean the pool floor, brushing the side walls, removing debris from the top layer of water, adjusting pool chemicals as needed, inspecting the equipment (such as the pool pump and pool filter), and emptying the skimmer/pump baskets.

Acid Washing

Another common type of maintenance pools need is acid washing. Think of acid washing as a deep clean of your pool – it doesn’t need to be done on a weekly basis, but it should take place every 6 to 12 months (or as needed). During an acid wash, pool technicians use a diluted acid solution (muriatic acid) to remove any stains, algae, or scales from the pool. The result is a pool that looks completely fresh and new.

Pool Cleaning Service

Same-Day Service

Same-day service is a type of maintenance service for emergency situations. For example, if your pool has a major leak that needs repair, you would want a same-day service. Some people prefer this if they notice the pool water is cloudy, or if a storm has recently passed through and the pool is filled with dirt and debris.

Whether you have a chlorine pool or saltwater pool, having your pool cleaned within a 24-hour window can be crucial during these types of situations.

Filter Cleaning

A filter cleaning takes place every 6 months and includes removing and thoroughly cleaning each and every grid located inside the filter and adding diatomaceous earth to the grids, providing them with a coat to prevent ripping or tearing.

Equipment Repairs

Last but not least, pool equipment needs to work properly in order for you to be able to use your pool. But sometimes, pool pumps and other equipment break, or pools get a leak. Pool repair services can fix the issue if it occurs.

Common Issues that Pool Maintenance Services Can Prevent

By having a consistent pool cleaning throughout the year, you’ll be able to significantly reduce the chance of any of the below issues occurring (saving you money in the long run).

  • Cloudy pool water
  • Chemical imbalances
  • Strong chlorine smells
  • Algae on the walls and floor
  • Stains on the walls and floor
  • Broken or damaged pool equipment
  • Pool filter issues
  • Pump issues, such as clogged pumps
  • Excessive debris in the water (such as leaves, twigs, and dirt)
  • Heavy pool usage leading to problems
  • Extreme weather disrupting water balance
  • And more

Benefits of Weekly Pool Maintenance Service

Receiving a weekly servicing of your pool or spa means that your pool and spa will remain in the best shape possible, from the equipment to the water quality and overall safety. Specifically, weekly pool maintenance services:

  • Prevent algae from growing
  • Keep the chemicals balanced (and therefore, the water quality safe)
  • Provide a pool shock as needed
  • Prevent stains from developing
  • Keep the pool looking clean
  • Includes checking your equipment to ensure everything is functioning properly
  • Helps you to avoid potentially costly repairs as a result of neglected equipment
Pool Cleaning Service

Trust the Experts

At Three Generations Pool Services, our experienced team can maintain your pool’s pH and alkalinity levels throughout the year, regardless of size. This will help your family and friends to enjoy your pool while giving you peace of mind that the water is safe and equipment isn’t being damaged.

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Receive a Free Filter Clean

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